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Earlier today I found myself without my laptop for two hours due to a software update. I saw that as a sign of a long overdue house clean, so I rolled up my sleeves and went for it. You see, when I clean, I really clean. I move furnitures, I crawl under the bed, I wipe off spiders from every corner (downside of living in a very cool attic). If you remember Magda from “All about Mary” — I am her, she is me. (we even share first name). The funny thing… when I was done and looked around the place, I realized that I had taken care of all the hard to reach parts, but completely missed the middle. The open space floor area. Which got me thinking: this is exactly what we tend to do in our businesses. …


Magdalena Bibik

Brings ideas to the table. Expert in idea generation and creative business thinking. SE, ENG, POL . MBE & MLL Lund University.

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