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Magdalena Bibik
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Before anything else: color coding people is bad for most things.

What “color” are you?* Are you the commanding “red”, the nurturing “green”, the analytic “blue” or the party animal “yellow”? I am sure that you are familiar with at least one system that puts a color label on personality traits. Over the last few years many companies have invested time and money in categorizing their staff, with an intention to visualizing our differences. Let me tell you why this is problematic.

The minute a company labels their employees after Myers Briggs 16 personalities (not color coding per se but…

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Warren Buffet said:

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.”

What if the success within idea generation lies in a completely different mindset? What if the magic lies in never saying no at all?

Recently I got engaged in a very interesting conversation with a founder of an idea generation platform — who is almost equally passionate about improv theatre. If you’ve ever been to one of those shows, you know that there are different techniques to move a plot forward. …

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This story is about the gap between having an idea and turning it into a profitable product or service. The process from the Eureka moment to the finished offer. The validation and evaluation of potential success.

Most people come up with ideas — some people daily (I call them “the popcorn tribe”, because their ideas just seem to “pop up”), others more occasionally. As I see it, three scenarios follow upon a revelation: an immediate rejection: “no, this is a bad idea”, a competence analysis: “hmmm, I wonder who could execute that idea best?” (this one almost never happens) or…

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All the ideas you want to create before you… retire.

The original definition of “bucket list” is:

a number of experiences or achievements that a person hopes to have or accomplish during their lifetime.

Meaning: “before you die”. I think that it sounds a little too dramatic, so let’s just say: “before you retire”. The bucket list I want to talk about here is the one for ideas. Professional ideas to create during your career.

Everyone reading this is in a position of changing the world. Maybe not the entire world, but a piece of it big enough to make…

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Let’s apply the classical question of the chicken and the egg on idea generation.

If the idea is the “egg” and the customer is the “chicken” — which originated from the other? One side of approaching this question is by analyzing where ideas come from. Common theories talk about slow hunches, long incubation time, Eureka moments — but also experimental innovators and “scratching your own itch”.

An idea is a thought or suggestion as to a possible course of action, that includes a starting point and a solution. The interesting thought here would be: who initiated the idea in the…

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Great ideas are born out of a solid preparation phase, some incubation time — and a lot of inspiration. Just as in the song from Chicago, “I can’t do it alone”, a helping hand in a shape of a creative injection has never done any harm. So here are 10 people who will bring you the inspiration you need.

Oh, I’m sorry. I am not going to give you 10 NAMES, since what you and I are creating at the moment is immensely different and we couldn’t possibly get inspired by same individuals (ok, sure — to some extend, but…

Envato Elements

I am not a gamer. Unless you count way too many hours playing 2048 as gaming, then I am. But really, I’m not. So I apologize in advance for making up my own lingo and not knowing all the hacks and rules. Gamers, stay with me, this is going to be worth it despite lack of COD skills (I am only at level 46).

Let’s start from the beginning. A few weeks ago we were having a quiet night at home and my partner was playing Call of Duty. I wanted to try, so I downloaded the app to my…

Photo by Nine Köpfer on Unsplash

I am sure that you have heard about — or even experienced — an “Eureka moment”. A sudden realization of something deeply unclear. A revelation. It sounds exotic and almost divine, doesn’t it?

The notion of revelation describes the condition quite simply; by which I mean that something profoundly convulsive and disturbing suddenly becomes visible and audible with indescribable definiteness and exactness. — Friedrich Nietzsche

The reality is, unfortunately, not that alluring. Regardless of what this “enlightenment” is called by scientists, poets and philosophers, (everything from “God” to “The Higher Self”, “Inspiration” and “Muse”), it is a part of a…

Glenn Carrie for Unsplash

Let me start with a disclaimer — I AM NOT saying that you should spend your summer holiday working. However, if you are thinking of starting a business then this is the time for creative brainstorming.

Your ability to generate ideas is highly dependent on your state of mind (unless you are a professional innovator and can deliver new solutions on request). If you are stressed, worried or having a disturbing boss hanging over your shoulder with additional tasks and demands, then you are probably more busy “putting down fires” then thinking about new ideas. …

Magdalena Bibik

Psychology of Ideas. Helping people understand and optimize their idea generation process.

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