3 habits to boost your Creative Business Thinking

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When “creativity” comes up, our thoughts often times wonder towards art. But actually, the definition of creativity is:




the use of imagination or original ideas to create something; inventiveness.

I bet that you have competitors, some more creative than others. Maybe they are breaking the non spoken rules of your industry, maybe they are taking risks — in one way or another they are always first with a new exciting idea. Right? Would you like to be the one who is always a step ahead? Then you need to think like a creative!

2020 is just around the corner and with the new year we tend to start new habits. Why not start TODAY with some that will help you boost your Creative Business Thinking?

Constant curiosity

This one is all about a never ending quest for ideas and opportunities. About entering a room (any room!) with open eyes and ears with a desire to learn something new. It’s about being present in any given setting.

Next time you go grocery shopping, look around and see what those isles and marketing displays can teach you about your own business. Think about how the pricing strategy affects your purchase decisions and what’s in it for you to learn. See what is beautifully done and what is missing. Translate it to your own world and observe what you bring home besides the groceries (as in ideas, insights).

Creative Cross Training

We all have valuable skills that we don’t use at work. Why is that? Because we don’t necessary associate them with work. Here’s where Creative Cross Training comes in.

Creative Cross Training is all about training something completely different to better your core skill. Although it has nothing to do with Cross Training, it originates from the world of sport. Elite swimmers would practice yoga to get more flexible in the water and soccer players would take dance lessons to better their coordination skills on the field.

It’s really simple and applicable on anything. Skills you acquired pursuing your hobby may as well be your biggest strengths as the office — you just need to make the connection. So grab a cup of coffee (tea, wine, whatever), a piece of paper and write down everything you are good at outside of work. Are you a member of a music band or a sports team? Then you probably are an excellent team player. Are you a passionate chef? If so, then you are either good at following instructions (recipes) or curious and a risk taker creating your own. Bring these marvelous skills to the work place first thing tomorrow.

Surround yourself with creative people

So obvious, isn’t it? When you spend time with people who inspire you, you become better. On the other hand, hanging out with people who diminish you can be devastating to your motivation and your creativity.

Please remember that everyone — even your biggest role models — enjoy spending time with their supporters and fans. You are only one question away from a possibility to get inspired by the person you admire the most.

There are more habits to boost you Creative Business Thinking. Find them here: https://creativity.house/habits

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Brings ideas to the table. Expert in idea generation and creative business thinking. SE, ENG, POL . MBE & MLL Lund University. https://www.magdalenabibik.com/

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