5 things I learned from launching an online course

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Recently, I launched my first digital course on Creative Business Thinking. In this article, I want to share with you my most important takeaways from this process. Here are some “what to do” mixed with “what NOT to do”. Hopefully this will inspire you to launch your own digital course, and to do it right. Enjoy!

1. Have your course completely crafted before the launch starts!

Mine wasn’t ready, to be honest, but that was actually on purpose. In the middle of the launch I attended a keynote that I knew would give me some new insights and make the content of the course even better. It did! And it was worth it, I think, at the end of the day. But my perception of the launch period was something completely different from reality!

I thought it would be smooth sailing. Webinars and that’s it! I have never in my life written so many e-mails and done so much marketing for anything! The nurture sequence of the potential customers is so important — and takes time!! And had I known that before, then I should have planned my work completely different!

You see, I run 4 companies and nothing stops for me just because I am launching a course. So next time I will make sure that all my work for all my other projects is done — and that my course is completely finished — so that I can take time to be present during the launch and do all the marketing that is needed.

2. Don’t change your tone of voice to reach a broader audience.

I believe myself to be a straight face tough love kind of teacher, and that is what my students like me for. But in this launch, I chose a much softer approach, with the ambition to ”speak to the masses”. It turned out bland. It didn’t even really sound like me — and of course — it didn’t sell very much! I think that those who know me well and follow me were wondering- what the heck is she doing?

What I was doing was imitating those who had successfully launched online courses to an audience somewhat similar to mine. It was not until the last days of the launch that I started to sound like me and the students started rolling in. Moral of this: don’t change the tone of voice to try to appeal to a broader audience. Especially — don’t tone down yourself! The more authentic you are the more successful you’ll be with your launch. Attract and repell, don’t try to please everyone!

3. Not everyone on your e-mail list will buy your course!

There is a conversion percentage, saying that about 5% of people who show up to your webinar will buy the course. This conversion rate is real. Even if you know that the course you are launching is God’s gift to education (it might as well be, who knows?), not EVERYONE will be willing to buy.

Set your expectations on a realistic level. In hindsight, I am happy with the launch. My initial disappointment had only to do with the idea that everyone on earth would buy my Masterclass!

4. Don’t give away too much on the webinar.

We talk about webinars and the importance of webinars, yet for me I discovered that very few of my students who bought Creative Business Thinking Masterclass came from the webinar. I got tons of e-mails thanking for the lovely webinar and THAT might be the problem — I might have packed the webinar with so much content that they felt like this was enough. I listened to Jenna Kutcher, the Goal Digger Podcast recently when she said ”don’t give away it all on your digital course”, I might have given away too much already at the webinar.

Creative Business Thinking Masterclass is packed with great content, but if the listener feels like the webinar itself gives so much value, then they won’t buy the course. On the other hand… IF they apply everything they learned from the webinar then they may buy the course the next time!

5. Launching digital courses is FUN!!

Had I known this before, then I would probably launched earlier! I expected it to be fun, but not to be AS fun! And it’s kind of addicting — once you start, you can’t really stop yourself.

It’s a really good way of selling something you create once over and over again. My best — and last tip — make sure to have the right tools! I am just recently a member of Digital Course Academy by Amy Porterfield, so I will take all I learned from this launch, mix it together with all the advice on DCA and will be ready for a launch of the Masterclass in English in a few months. Meanwhile you can get Idea Lab at creativityhouse.academy

For the full story — go to Creativy House Podcast: https://anchor.fm/creativity-house/episodes/5-things-I-learned-from-launching-a-digital-course-e6f84n/a-ar31t1

Brings ideas to the table. Expert in idea generation and creative business thinking. SE, ENG, POL . MBE & MLL Lund University. https://www.magdalenabibik.com/

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