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Create an Idea that can handle any Global Political Change.

At the time of writing I am watching the last hours of US Elections. Pick a thriller movie of your choice and this still trumps it (sorry, too soon?) A morning just as exciting as important for the future. Most of us will be affected by the outcome, some of us more than others. My question to you: is your idea resistant to change?

Some changes have an impact on everyone. (I am working out of Sweden and thinking about publishing a book on — will there be trade restrictions? My digital courses are on an American platform — will I still be able to use Stripe?) Some other things are yours to control, regardless of global political swings around you. Let’s talk about how to make your idea work no matter what happens.

Make sure to know exactly whom you are selling to.

Now, more than ever, you need to understand who your ICA (Ideal Customer Avatar) is, and get to know that person in depth. What values does she have? What is important to her? What’s her pain points? How does she see her future? How can you best serve her?

Whatever is happening in international politics, we (you, me, your ICA) still have our daily lives to live. In order to sell and be successful, you need to create ideas that make life easier for your clients. If your service or product is important and relevant enough, they will prioritize the purchase of whatever you are offering. They will find the money, even if it’s their last.

Validate your business ideas.

If your clients are not interested in your idea, it is by definition a bad idea. And yet, validating is the part of idea generation process that people skip the most. For some reason, we feel resistance towards picking up the phone and asking our ICAs about their opinion. Perhaps we don’t want to share something that is not ready, or maybe we feel ashamed that we don’t have all the answers ourselves.

I challenge you to ask the most successful people you know whether they have come up with their most brilliant ideas all on they own. I bet you that they’ll say that validating ideas has been crucial to their success. I want you to model that, because if it worked for them, it will work for you.

Follow your customers’ journey.

If you products and services are needed today, they will most likely be needed tomorrow. However, your ICA’s life situation might change with political shifts. You need to not only know that, but also be able — and willing — to adjust you offering. Should you add a payment plan to your current pricing strategy? Should you repackage your services? Remember, the devil is often in the details. You need to be aware of what is happening in the world in order to stay a jour on what might be required of you.

Create backup plans.

Even if some things never change and some products and services will always be needed, you have to have a backup plan for your business. First strategy is to not put all your eggs in one basket. Another is to create different variations of your core offers. Produce online versions of the live experience for those who can’t or won’t pay an actual visit to your store. Create basic, regular and premium options of your services. Figure out a BTB and BTC solution. Try to find new markets in other parts of the globe (The Internet makes it easier than ever for you!)

Don’t put your trust in financial aid.

As fun as it is to follow international political debate and wait for the results of the election, your idea still needs to stand above political reforms. Don’t ever create with governmental contributions in mind — aim for earning your money from real clients from day one. When starting your business (and now due to COVID) there are a lot of funds and aids to apply for but they will only get you so far. By all means, go after what is rightfully yours, but make sure that what you are creating actually attracts paying clients.

At the time of publishing this story, there is still no answer as to who will be the next POTUS. The world seems to be in a bubble. I would love for you to create your own bubble and focus on making that idea of yours ready for whatever your life looks like tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. You get the picture. Now go do it.

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Brings ideas to the table. Expert in idea generation and creative business thinking. SE, ENG, POL . MBE & MLL Lund University.

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