How to succeed as a local player on the global market.

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As an Entrepreneur, you get to make choices every single day. Some of them are more significant than others, as whether to operate on the local market or become a global player. I dare to say that, regardless of what your business looks like, regardless of how small you are — you can be both local and global, if you choose to. And the beauty of it is… you can juggle those strategies at the same time.

Let me tell you a story: 1,5 years ago my husband and I left big city life and moved to the countryside of Roslagen (Sweden). We had recently adopted a Doberman and the official reason was that we wanted him to live off leash. But truth to be told, we needed a change after two decades of working in the heart of Stockholm.

Our only concern was that once we left the epicenter of our business, the world would get smaller. We would miss out on whatever was happening in the city as we would now be an hour away. We thought — for a minute — that we would be stuck in our (oh so adorable 18th Century) house and isolate ourselves from the rest of the world. Two weeks into our new lifestyle we added a new business to our portfolio by starting a new company in anearby town of Norrtälje.

I don’t think that I even need to tell you at this point that our world actually got bigger! We went from Stockholm locals to something more global by moving to the middle of nowhere! What we lost in distance we gained in perspective. Suddenly, the world was not revolving around our previous only market. There was more out there for us to get.

We are not by any means global just yet, but we cracked the code of how to work anywhere with whatever we had. Now I would love to give you some insight on how you could do the same.

Find that thing to go global with.

Take a look at your business as it looks like today. Apart from the obvious — your products and services — what do you have that could go global?

Do you have a skill that you could teach? Or a process that you could show others? If you are an expert in your field, then you need to get your know how out to the world — and the world will listen! There are many ways of sharing your skills: from live workshops to digital courses. Once you figure out what feels right for you, then you can add another department to your business: teaching. In theory, you could scale up and go global without selling a single unit of your primary product or service!

Play with the local charm.

What do you feel when you hear about a small winery in Tuscany or Napa Valley? Or a little bakery on the French countryside? There is something pittoresque and romantic about them, isn’t it? It is no coincidence that all those shops and factories use their local charm as their unique selling point, all from the interior design, through product packaging all all the way to marketing strategy.

If they can do it, so can you. Think about it: are you local enough to mesmerize the global audience? Or should you take your local charm over the top to win over the global customer?

Make everyone feel special.

I am sure that you have seen one of Coca Cola’s global campaigns with customized bottles — popular first names and city names among others. Ferrero takes this one step further and lets the customer put any name on the jar of Nutella with a simple drawing kit. A global and extremely local campaign at the same time. A genius one at that. The secret: by letting people customize their product, not only will they buy but they will stay entertained and loyal to the brand.

How could you design your core product and service so that it’s fully customizable to basically any person around the world?

There you have it! 3 strategies for making it as a local brand on the global market. If you are interested in more, make sure to listen to Creativity House Podcast “Scale up your business and go from local to global” and download the checklist with even more tips HERE.

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